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Maria C.

Ms. Peters really came through for me! I’ve been stuck living with a horrible person who harasses me constantly since the pandemic stay-home orders were instituted. I finally had enough and sought help from Ms. Peters. She saw me right away, filed the paperwork, and had Blaine (one of her staff attorneys) go through the court process. The courts sound a little bit disorganized right now with all the closures and shuffling of personnel, but Blaine made sure my TRO request was pushed through. It still stinks that the person couldn’t be asked to move out as part of the TRO, but this is a big step in the right direction.

Lisette Garcia

I don’t have enough words to describe how amazing the experience with attorney Laurie Peters. She works very hard to make sure you have winning results. I could not have asked for better services during my divorce & my other case. From the moment I first called and met with Mrs. Peters & her firm until my case was over, I was at ease that I has made the right choice.Highly recommended
Thank you again Laurie Peters!

David Jones

Laurie Peters and her associate Blaine were extremely professional while working on my divorce and custody issues. The ex was being extremely difficult about letting me see OUR children. Laurie and Blaine never gave up. They fought for me, giving me back my dignity and respect! Thank you for your excellent work!

Rene White

Laurie Peters was a miracle worker. I never thought I would get to move out of California after I received an opportunity with my job. She was able to get my custody order modified quickly and answered all my calls and questions promptly. I highly recommend Laurie and her team for any of your custody needs.

Jennifer Dabenigno

Laurie Peters is an excellent attorney, her dedication and common-sense approach to family law issues gets you the results you deserve. She clearly explained all of the steps and procedures that need to be taken to move forward with the case. Laurie is competent and shrewd. She will not backdown. She always places the client’s best interests first and foremost. She truly takes an interest in the overall well-being of the family and the children involved.

Attorney Peters is a zealous advocate, always prepared and on top of her game to fight for her clients. She is a powerhouse! Attorney Peters is knowledgeable and presents herself as very confident when dealing with the other party’s attorney. She never backs down from confrontations. She is able to “get to the point”, in order to get results. I can attest that she is serious, dedicated, diligent and compassionate.

She assured me she would stick by my side and help. They all did, the team at Laurie Peters Law Offices. You will not find a more talented, dedicated, ethical, smart or empathetic attorney!

Dedication and common-sense approaches to your family law issues to get the results you deserve.

Kylee Piquette

Laurie Peters is an incredible attorney. She made it known that my individual case mattered to her, and kept my child’s best interest in mind at all times. She advocated for me and my abilities as a mom, despite my disability. Her entire firm believed in me and put in the hard work to assure my baby was able to come home to me, and live a healthy and balanced life. She’s timely, intelligent, and responsive. She’s been so kind while also maintaining professionalism and efficiency. Laurie is overall amazing at her job and I highly recommend her.

Manda Family

Before I called the Law Offices of Laurie Peters, I was a stay-at-home mom trying to navigate a divorce on my own. When disagreements between my ex-spouse and myself arose, his attorney began to pursue me aggressively. I desperately needed an expert to work on my behalf.

I contacted numerous law offices and asked around for recommended attorneys. A trusted friend referred me to Laurie Peters. When I met Laurie, I felt immediate relief. She was empathetic, knowledgeable, and full of sound advice. She helped put me at ease.

Laurie herself advocated on my case and set matters straight. In the end, my ex fired his attorney and we collaborated to form a mutual agreement with the aid of Laurie’s staff. With their guidance, my ex and I were able to come to a fair agreement in the best interest of the children and the whole family.

I am very grateful to Laurie Peters for helping me get through my divorce, and I highly recommend her services. Five stars all the way.

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